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Smart Doctors is an AI assisted telemedicine platform, that provides you top-notch medical services at the comfort of your home.

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Earn 25% more revenue in 3 smart moves.

Smart Doctors provides an avenue to increase it’s doctor’s revenue streams up to 50%. Together with in-depth marketing strategies, we enables doctors grow and expand their careers. Make your smart move today!

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We grant you the tools to grow and thrive in your virtual practice.

Smart Doctors provides cutting edge tools to help doctors and practitioners curve their new path in virtual telemedicine. From AI reporting and analysis to robust marketing campaigns we highly value our doctor’s career and do everything to get them well settled.


    Smart Doctors offers the easiest way to book an appointment online.


    Our intelligent no cancellation system helps you retain more patients.


    Automatically Reschedule Appt's & Fill Cancellations Fast. Increase Revenue w/ Smart Doctors™. Reduce No-Shows & Cancellations.


    Image result for email and text campaigns 66% of the audience prefer SMS over email/call as it is an instant and convenient way to connect with the brand and get real-time information of the products and offers.


    A list of patients who would like to come in as soon as an opening is available. Use the list to identify patients and notify them about openings.


    Smart Doctors reimburses every 2 weeks and it is a direct deposit on funds over $50.00.

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We’ve mapped out the future and telemedicine is ahead in the game.

Our in-depth analysis and research has proven that telemedicine is the go to solution for the provision of quality healthcare in our tech-savvy generation. Our mission is to provide doctors with the best infrastructure possible to embrace this new change and provide better services.

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Graphical representation of the market growth in telemedicine for the past 3 years.


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Frequently Asked Questions by our doctors

  • remove How do Patients pay?

    Patients pay upfront on the Smart Doctors platform while booking their appointment. They can use their debit or credit card to make the purchase.

  • add When do I get paid?

    Providers are paid via direct deposit on a weekly basis as long as funds are available minus the agreed upon discount.

  • add How are patients charged if additional services are required?

    If an additional service is required, you can charge the patient in your office the same way as any other self-paying patient. In the future, you will be able to process charges through SmartDoctors.

  • add How do I know if I get a booking?

    Smart Doctors sends an automated email whenever you receive a booking as well as a text message which includes the patient’s name and email address. Patients also receive an email confirmation and a text message as an appointment reminder with 24hr, 1hr and 10 min in advance reminder.

  • add What is the cancellation policy for patients?

    Patients can cancel 24 hours before the appointment if their circumstances change. If a patient no-shows or cancels within 24 hours, they do not qualify for a refund but the provider still receives payment for the service.

  • add How do I add or change my availability?

    Smart Doctors gives you the ability to update your own schedule. You can add, remove and change availability at any time.

  • add How do I join Smart Doctors?

    Joining Smart Doctors is quick and easy. Fill out the form on this page or email and an onboarding specialist will help you get started.


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