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All Plans Include

End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption
With end-to-end encryption, we provide you with a comprehensive solution to ensure HIPAA compliance and maintain the confidentiality of patients’ PII.
Secure data storage
Secure data storage
We are storing data in an encrypted form so no one can see your personal information. We store your data in a secure, private and safe environment.
HIPPA Complaint Infrastructure
HIPPA Complaint Infrastructure
Our cloud infrastructure complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which sets regulations for protection of medical data, including data processing and transmission.
Secure data center
Secure data center
We are using secure data center to store health records. This helps us to protect your privacy and ensures that data is not lost because of the natural disasters or human error.
PCI/DSS Compliant Payment Solution
PCI/DSS Compliant Payment Solution
PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of security standards that aims to ensure secure card and online payment transactions and protection against fraud/data theft.
Meets GDPR requirements
Meets GDPR requirements
We are committed to providing you with excellent privacy protection by protecting your personal data according to the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We meet and exceed these requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions by our doctors

  • remove How do Patients pay?

    Patients pay upfront on the Smart Doctors platform while booking their appointment. They can use their debit or credit card to make the purchase.

  • add When do I get paid?

    Providers are paid via direct deposit on a weekly basis as long as funds are available minus the agreed upon discount.

  • add How are patients charged if additional services are required?

    If an additional service is required, you can charge the patient in your office the same way as any other self-paying patient. In the future, you will be able to process charges through SmartDoctors.

  • add How do I know if I get a booking?

    Smart Doctors sends an automated email whenever you receive a booking as well as a text message which includes the patient’s name and email address. Patients also receive an email confirmation and a text message as an appointment reminder with 24hr, 1hr and 10 min in advance reminder.

  • add What is the cancellation policy for patients?

    Patients can cancel 24 hours before the appointment if their circumstances change. If a patient no-shows or cancels within 24 hours, they do not qualify for a refund but the provider still receives payment for the service.

  • add How do I add or change my availability?

    Smart Doctors gives you the ability to update your own schedule. You can add, remove and change availability at any time.

  • add How do I join Smart Doctors?

    Joining Smart Doctors is quick and easy. Fill out the form on this page or email and an onboarding specialist will help you get started.